All you need to know about the perfect suit fit

Delve in the details. It’s always about the details; the minute ingredients that make something better than perfect. And if you’re one to seek perfection, be it in the boardroom or beyond, you’ll know that sharp impressions get the job half done. Ever spotted Harvey Specter or James Bond turning up dressed shoddily? *we guessed not*


While you might not have a Saville Row tailor on speed dial, you do have the choice to make better judgements when it comes to sartorial-decision making. For instance, if the suit doesn’t feel right, don’t wear it!

We understand, that not everyone is born looking like a part of the 300 entourage; the abs were photoshopped *just saying*. However since real men need no digital enhancements, do know that they are trade secrets that’ll make your off-the-rack suit look like it was made for you. And we’re spilling em’ all.

Not an inch over or under, your suit’s seam should sit perfectly at the edge of  your shoulders. Framing your entire silhouette, the blazer’s shoulders are of utmost importance. Take note- if your seam ends shorter than your shoulder, you might find yourself having a Hulk moment.

Stand straight, if the blazer’s hem extends beyond your knuckles than you’ve already got it wrong! The hem should NEVER go beyond your knuckles and NEVER be shorter than your wrists. The best way to figure out the perfect length is to curl up your fingers and let the hem graze your fingers and cover your trousers’ fly.

Once you’ve got that figured, pay attention to the fit- regular, slim or ultra slim- whatever your order for the day is, do remember that boxy is not on the menu. Your suit’s body should hug your body without being uncomfortable. And  for pete’s sake, make sure the buttons shut.


Your sleeve hem should end right where the base of your thumb starts, and should be half an inch shorter than your shirt’s hem. Most ready-made suits come with sleeves that are slightly longer, which most likely than not, need to be altered to your sleeve length.

Relaxed at the thighs, tapered below the knee, that’s how your trousers should look and fit. Leave the wide legged trousers to Don Draper! Comfort being key, even your slim fit trousers should leave some space for you to move around in with ease.

When it comes to perfecting your trouser “break”, keep it minimal without much of a fold. The cuff should gently graze or sit above your shoe without creating a fold. However if you’re planning to show off some mankles, we’re not complaining.

So the next time you try on a suit, keep these tips in mind and you’ll be a step closer to “suiting up” in style.

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Stylish Ways to Wear The Bomber Jacket

The ’80s are here! With aviator sunnies, fighter planes, Tom Cruise *takes my breath away* and some serious ‘need for speed’, Top Gun literally sky rockets to the top of the charts! In spite of the movie having a cult following that could create it’s own nation (imagine that!), we, however are more interested in the wingman this movie introduced- the bomber jacket.  Rugged and macho, the bomber jacket, entailed with its military heritage and pop culture influx, became the jacket that every man NEEDED to get in the sartorial zone (and in the girl zone). Who can resist the lure of a leather bomber jacket. Right?

If you already own one (or more), then attaboy, you’re right on plan!


Fast forward two decades, and the iconic jacket finds it place as a wardrobe staple. No longer reserved to the classic-military-I-earned-it style, the jacket has reinvented itself over the years; from floral to khaki, you name it, and we’re sure it exists (sequins haven’t been sparred). Keeping the original silhouette as its main frame, the bomber jacket is identified with its ribbed hem and cuffs, and a front zip closure. Far from its heavy-duty-leather predecessor, you can now find the jacket in lighter fabrics that make it the perfect transitional cover up to have- just like Ryan Gosling does in Drive (we just needed an excuse to mention him).

With many (so many) hybrids on offer, we’ll tell you three ways we think the bomber jacket looks totally rad in. If you’re planning to be spotted at the fashion hangar, then the all-leather tough guy bomber jacket is what you’ll want to be seen in. The easy and fail safe way to do it, is to layer it over a T-shirt and pair it up with slim fit jeans, and low-top sneakers, BUT you could notch it up by layering it over a printed shirt paired with chinos for a macho-meets-suave look. And don’t forget the sunnies, aviators or wayfarers to be more exact. Duh!


On the other side of the spectrum, you’ll find a myriad collection of printed bomber jackets. With not-so-subtle-prints, these jackets have one and only one aim- to make a statement. Whether it’s scarf-inspired prints, blooming florals, abstract or animal prints (Kanye style), you’ll be surprised to know that these printed renditions are actually quite versatile. From pairing it with a pair of dapper trousers and loafers, to styling it with a street vibe- sky’s the limit.


Fighter-pilot-meets-high-school-jock, that’s the next look we’re sure will never go out of style. Neither will cheerleaders! This style of bomber jackets come with a distinct varsity look to them, from contrast tipping details, embroidered numerals, to brighter hues. The versatility of this jacket allows you to style it smart and preppy, or sporty and street. Layering it over your everyday tee and jeans, is the right and approved way to do it, but you could give it a slightly rugged look and pair it with distressed denims and your limited-edition sneakers.


So there you have it, three different ways to wear the bomber jacket. And, so what if you didn’t make it to the Air Force? The bomber jacket is your entry to the sartorial man force. Even if you do choose the animal print one.

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Suiting up gets colourful!

Ok, so the “winter is coming” memes, jokes and puns can finally stop because baby, it’s cold outside. Brrr… With the temps dropping faster than Adele’s Hello, it’s time to rethink your sartorial game. We’re not saying ditch the timeless blue, black and grey suits (classics are classics), but Skittle-coloured suits are always a welcome treat. And don’t we all like to indulge?

So red hot!


Sharply dressed men- can’t be resisted- especially ones dressed in red suits. Brick red, crimson red, scarlet or if you’re really into trends- a nod to marsala would work too. Red suits might seem a little too flamboyant, but after crushing on these dapper men’s style, we think not. Or they just have a knack of looking effortless. We love the understated look of the dark red suit partnered with a white shirt and complementing tie. Easy and effortless eh? Or if you’re willing to take it a notch higher, ditch the classic oxford shirt and opt for a club collar shirt with a waistcoat and striped tie for a preppy look. Or, just ditch all the norms and layer it over a printed shirt for an urbane look that’s anything but boring.

Oh hello, yellow!


Leagues away from Jim Carrey’s suit in the Mask, the yellow suit has now found a place in the fashionisto’s wardrobe. Cheerful, bright and statement-making, the yellow suit is a perfect way to liven up gloomy days and winter spells. Apart from the fact, that you’d probably be a walking beacon, the yellow suit IS a welcome ray of style. And you don’t necessarily have to be Bumblebee yellow, instead you could opt for muter hues like ochre and butter yellow. Surprising as it is, we love how yellow paired with navy looks- unique, right? #worthatry

Green with envy, much?


We promise you won’t blend in with the Christmas tree or be mistaken for one of the elves! *cross our hearts* Think more like jewel-toned greens- dark, mysterious and sophisticated. Not sure how to wear it? Follow the simple rule of a white shirt and brown shoes, or if you’re ready to experiment a little, then that floral shirt that you’ve been itching to wear all winter- now’s the time to wear it! Just don’t do checks- you’d definitely look part of the lumberjack entourage. Once you’ve mastered that, then you could try mixing and matching it with other green ensembles, like a sweater or a shirt. Try!

Purple and prejudice!


Hate Barney (who doesn’t), hate purple? Hmm… The colour of royalty, purple, is often considered a little effeminate. Do we care? Not at all. One of this year’s trending Pantone colours, Amethyst Orchid, purple has a way of making a debonair statement. Contrary to popular belief, purple can actually be paired with a plethora of hues, from navy, grey, greens to yellows. Take a cue from these dapper gents, and mix and match your blazers with tonal trousers to work a sharp statement.

Blue, it’s electrifying!


Yup, you probably already have a blue suit, but do you have an electrifying blue suit? Not your classic, but brighter blues are big this season- says half the men at this year’s Pitti Uomo! Traditional with a twist, azure, lapis and cobalt blues are a perfect way to work a dapper look to your 9 to 5 without looking OTT. How you decide to style it, depends on how bold of a statement you want to strike. From pairing it with a classic white shirt to a pop of neon, the blue suit is versatile and fashion forward, all at once.

What’s your take on coloured suits? And what colour would you pick?

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Exercise your right to accessorise – Lapels and pins are your new sartorial fix

Finesse. Check. Precision. Check. Tailored. Check. It’s time to SUIT IT UP! Yes gentlemen, your suits are on-fleek (always)! But here’s the thing- you need to inject a bit of your own personality to it. We’re not saying turn up like Austin Powers, but do consider mixing it up a little by adding on a few statement pieces to it. From subtle to bold, your lapels play the perfect host to show off your awesome personality. The secret here lies in how you perfectly orchestrate it together with lapel pins, brooches and pocket squares.

Here’s our definitive guide on how to dress up your suit lapels and make the most of this tailored number. We’ve kept in mind everyone from the dapper dandies to the old-school souls, the keep-it-real businessmen to the punk bros.

The Hedonistic Classic Style

We believe playing up with proportions is important to achieve the harmony of this look. Think Leonardo DiCaprio in Wolf of the Wall Street! The traditional aesthetic of a wider peaked lapel (which is making a huge comeback) is the key to this look. Keep it classy by  adding on a floral boutonnier. Also, never underestimate the power of a  neatly folded pocket square (note to self: practice origami) which makes for a clean and classic edge.


Modern & Sleek: Do it the Millennial Way

There’s quite a bit of room between conservative suiting and the more outlandish high-fashion way to style your suits. Call it stylish comfort, today the lads prefer form-fitting and modern lapel designs to achieve a more contemporary look. Take cues from Mike Ross’ narrow notched lapel style to Instagram style guru Nick Wooster’s solid pocket squares, and add on a feather or tarnished metal pin for a hint of controlled flamboyance. A pro tip- ditch the overtly matchy-matchy hanky and tie combo. You don’t wanna be wearing a team uniform now, do you?


Strictly Business

Dressing 9 to 5- How do the most stylish men in power accessorise their formal lineup? Well, take a look at everyone’s favourite casanova Barney Stinson. A narrower notched lapel with hints of white pocket square is his go-to style. But if you have that “don’t mess with me look” with class, try a classic peaked lapel a la Don Draper and work it with printed pocket square. Have a black tie event approaching? Opt for tonal shawl lapels and pin it up with a red boutonnier to take the night away!


The Age of Dapper-punk

So you have a punk soul and wanna dress it up sans your leather jacket? Done and done! We blame Nikki Sixx and Billie Joe Armstrong for spoiling the kids (thank heavens!). Sky is the limit when it comes to accessorising your suits. Pick a notched, shawl or a peaked lapel in a laid-back silhouette and accessorise it with studs and spikes or a skull-shaped pin and metallic chain-like embellishments like Billie does.


Men, now you can jazz up your suits and give the ladies a run for their bling!

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Men, This is what the winter of 2016 looks like – Trends from London Fashion Week

Shearling coats, oversized cardigans, military cues and a spread of blooming flowers, umm… no we’re not describing Zoolander’s infamous costumes, we’re talking about the biggest menswear trends that surfaced from London Fashion Week 2016. Word of advice: Just don’t wear them all together.


Shearling’s A Sure Thing

The 1970s aren’t willing to give up just yet are they? With the shearling trim keeping winters warmer and jackets cosier, it’s a trend that’s well approved and here to stay. Leather bomber jackets, coats or all-shearling is the way to wear it. Just know, that faux shearling is totally acceptable.

How to wear it: Layer it over a white tee, straight fit dark washed jeans and chukka boots.


Oversize Everything

Blanket coats, fur coats, oversized silhouettes, baby it’s cold outside and you’ll want to schmooze upto some cosy numbers. Dig deep into your dad’s wardrobe and pull out the chunky cardigans, particularly the shawl collar cable knit kind. For a fashion-forward take, think the long-line, ankle-grazing variety.

How to wear it: Forget the trousers, these coats are to paired with joggers, track pants, knit trousers and jeans if all else fails. Got that?


Back to the Hood

If you’re still hiding under your hoodie to mask 2015’s hangover, lucky for you the hoodie is back. Not really ghetto style though. The year’s hoodie is best paired with military-inspired jackets and the smart athleisure kind. Think less Snoop Dog and more Adam Levine.

How to wear it: A casual shirt paired with a jacket, chinos and suede loafers. Smart casual redefined with a much needed dose of functionality.


Military Salute

And just like a drill command, the runway says, march towards a utilitarian and functional look. While you can leave the camo print for the G.I.s, you should wear olive, khaki and desert beige. Pea coats, parkas, Napolean-styled jackets, and big bold buttons are what your field-notes look like for AW 2016. And we’re pretty sure AW 2017 too.

How to wear it: A pea coat over a tee and slim-fit jeans. And high top sneakers. Don’t ask, just follow.


Flowers and Wide-eyed Bugs

Breathing some much-needed-life into your AW2016 wear, we have a delightful range of flowers and bugs. With #genderbending being the new norm, you finally have a reason to wear butterflies, says the Alexander McQueen collection.

How to wear it: A floral printed coat paired with a white shirt and straight fit pants with PU boots.

And here you have it, the biggest menswear trends spotted at London Fashion Week 2016. Are you calling bluff on any?

Image credits: WWD